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Are you a music lover whose world revolves round music and you cannot remain away from your love?

Then what you need is resources that give you what you need, uninterrupted streaming of songs and albums of your favorite artists, reviews and biographies of artists and their albums, internet radio stations and free music of your liking. Trust directory is where you would find these invaluable resources.


رسانه موسیقی بیپ سانگ | BeepSong

رسانه بیپ‌سانگ در جهت ارتقا و سهولت دسترسی کاربران به آثار و موسیقی هنرمندان ایرانی فعالیت خود را آغاز کرد و اکنون یکی از بروزترین رسانه‌های معتبر موسیقی پارسی می‌باشد.
Apr 1, 2017 Clicks: 6 Comments

OGAE Greece

OGAE Greece is the Official Society of the Eurovision Song Contest in Greece. It has been approved by the Greek Court since 1997. OGAE Greece is a member of the International Network of OGAE...
Mar 3, 2017 Clicks: 5 Comments

MUZ.UZ - Musiqa javoni - Musiqa javoni. Eng yanggi va yuqori sifatli qo'shiqlar. Yulduzlar ijodiga oid So'nggi yangiliklar. Foto va video reportajlar.
Oct 23, 2015 Clicks: 3 Comments

لیمو20 بروزترین سایت تفریحی ایران

لیمو20 بروزترین سایت تفریحی و کاربردی ایران دانلود جدیدترین موزیک ها - تصاویر خنده دار جوک و اس ام اس جدیدترین اخبار ایران و جهان
Nov 18, 2014 Clicks: 7 Comments


Fan-site of Rammstein, a German metal group. News in 6 languages, translated lyrics and active forum.
Dec 27, 2013 Clicks: 8 Comments


cantanding is the online karaoke for real than allow users to sing hundred of thousands of songs with lyrics.
Sep 7, 2013 Clicks: 3 Comments

Http500 2.0

Italian Music and Showbiz site. Interviews with celebrities of the showbiz. Sales charts in real time, official results on sales of albums and CDs. Users can leave comments and personal opinions in...
Mar 22, 2013 Clicks: 15 Comments


A daily updated blog that features the latest music videos and new songs lyrics both in English and Spanish. All lyrics (reggaeton, rap, pop, etc) listed on Eliterics are accurate. Lyrics from...
Feb 9, 2013 Clicks: 9 Comments

Zager EZ-Play Custom Guitars

Zager Guitars were created by Master guitar builder Denny Zager to play easier than any other guitar. Denny designed the ZAD20 to go head to head with $1000+ guitars. Magazine reviews and customer...
Jan 15, 2013 Clicks: 3 Comments

The Best Music

BitCandy is a dedicated Music Filter, serving up the very best new music of the Blogosphere. As a Music Filter, BitCandy's team (which are indeed humans and not computers) listens to and filters...
Jul 16, 2012 Clicks: 12 Comments

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