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Role Playing

When it comes to video games on the net, one genre of games called MMORPG has become phenomenally popular. If you do not know, it is massively multiplayer online role playing game that goes on and on with each player playing his character in the game that can be played from any part of the world.

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Портал о Diablo 3, Marvel Heroes, Path of Exile

Информационно-новостной ресурс по играм Diablo 3, Marvel Heroes, Path of Exile. На сайте есть множество сервисов: стримы, чаты, видео галереи, галереи картинок. Каждый желающий может начать свой...
Oct 11, 2013 Clicks: 9 Comments

RPGnet: Roleplaying Games

RPGnet is a role-playing game website. It includes sections on wargames, tabletop games and video games, as well as columns on gaming topics. RPGnet features a RPG store, which is a RPGnet-branded...
Jan 3, 2012 Clicks: 14 Comments

Role playing games

Top rated adventure, strategy and role playing games online.
Nov 11, 2011 Clicks: 22 Comments

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